Monday, July 6, 2009

Xenakis-Emulator kammerbauer + schnellboegl 1998

Xenakis-Emulator kammerbauer + schnellboegl 1998

The Xenakis-Emulator is an audiovisual adaptation of two key works of architect/composer Iannis Xenakis - the composition "Metastasseis" and the facade for the monastery "La Tourette" by master architect Le Corbusier.

Kammerbauer + Schnellboegl created a synergetic digital animation of an interpretation of the facade and a music adaptation.

The facade strips, which reflect the "Glissando"-motif of "Metastasseis", float in an abstract space, followed by a vertical strip that "plays" the music adaptation by Kammerbauer + Schnellboegl in realtime and synchronous with the vertical facade elements.

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