Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Laurie Spiegel appalachian grove 1 edit

Laurie Spiegel "Appalachian Grove 1 edit"

From YouTube uploader "suburban batherson":

I first came across Chicago born composer Laurie Spiegel on an amazing compilation album collecting the leftfield recordings of women such as Pauline Oliveros, Megan Roberts and Laurie Anderson.

Although she made a sideways move into software design (creating the much loved Music Mouse tool) Spiegel has a fine back catalogue that is worth exploring - much of it rivaling the more celebrated work of the Berlin School electronic bands...

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, I had a genuine dread of nuclear war. With a Protect And Survive leaflet in every sideboard and bomb drills practiced at primary school, I was especially intimidated by government films meant to educate, inform and reassure.

The accompanying video has been reedited from the bizarrely optimistic 'About Fallout', which tries to put a positive spin on armageddon. Presented here, in tandem with Spiegel's thoughtful synth strokes, some of that dread dutifully returns.

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